08.01.12 “Summer All Present” curated by Kara Jefts


Summer All Present, curated by Kara Jefts.

Works by Leona Christie, Caitlin Foley, Fernando Orellana, Hiramstu Tsuneaki and Misha Wolf.

Aug. 31 – Sept. 21, 2012

Artist statement:  Circe, in Greek myth, had the capacity to turn men into beasts, by disabling their free will through her seductive song. In an endless summer, pleasure becomes a burden, a wheel to which one is yoked to a spinning carousel by one’s desires. In this set of drawings and paintings, I drew and distorted amusement park elephants, natural forms, and cartoon goddesses in order to create a landscape of metaphor and metamorphosis.

Collar Works Gallery, 444 River St., 3rd Floor, Troy, New York

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