12.29.12 “So to Speak” group show curated by Emily Berçir Zimmerman, opens Jan 25th, 2013

"BWBE: Changes to Work Machines"  2012, Archival Inkjet Print, 55" x 44" (detail)

“BWBE: Changes to Work Machines” 2012, Archival Inkjet Print, 55″ x 44″ (detail)

Gavin Christie still remembers the exact day, August 23, 1981, when he first saw the second edition of the Richard Scarry’s Best Word Book Ever (BWBE).  He was at a bookstore in suburban Detroit, and ever since then, Gavin has been regularly recording all the changes and differences between the first edition (1963), which he memorized as a small child in the early 1970’s, and the second (current) edition (1980).  Gavin types or hand-writes these changes every few weeks, even though the changes never change.

His practice of noticing and re-noticing is like a form of meditation. In “BWBE: Changes,”  I’m presenting a series of large-scale trompe l’oeil facsimiles of Gavin Christie’s recent “Richard Scarry projects,” in which he observes subtle differences, such as: “the female bear construction / worker that drives a roller / now has a bow ribbon on her head.”

from the press release:

So to Speak, curated by Emily Berçir Zimmerman, will include the work of artists Leona Christie, Hollis Frampton, Melinda McDaniel, Fernando Orellana, Paula Gaetano Adi and Klub Zwei.

The Arts Center of the Capital Region, 265 River Street, Troy, NY
January 25 – March 29, 2013
Reception: Friday, January 25, 5-9 PM at TNO
Lecture with Johannes Goebel: March 21, 7:00 pm

An exhibition devoted to the reiteration of images in words, in which friction emerges in the process of translation, through a jarring of verbal and visual accounts.  So to Speak calls into question the pervasiveness of the still and moving photographic image within our culture’s visual regime, and the dominance of visual media within today’s cultural production. In this exhibition, words will act as a prosthetic extension for the image, saying those things that the image cannot say                                                       emily berçir zimmerman

03.05.12 “How to Make a Print with your Autistic Savant Brother” at SGCI, New Orleans

Gavin typing on word processor

How to Make a Print with your Autistic Savant Brother assumes that you, after viewing this instructional video, have all the knowledge and know-how to make a print with your autistic savant brother. The video kicks off with a local TV news story featuring Gavin.  First presented at the Southern Graphics Council International (SGCI) Conference, March 15, 2012, in New Orleans.

More context here.

06.18.11 “Hiding Places: Memory in the Arts” Kohler Arts Center, Sheboygan, WI

Hiding Places: Memory in the Arts exhibition at the Kohler Arts Center, Sheboygan, WI  /  June 26 – December, 2011

Artists include: Gregory Blackstock (WA), Gavin Christie (MI), Leona Christie (NY), Mark Fox (NY), William Powhida (NY), Doris Salcedo (Columbia), Ellen Gallagher (NY/Netherlands), Leon Golub (1922-2004), Richard Misrarch (CA), Ulrike Palmbach (CA), Roger Shimomura (KS), Akio Takamori (WA), and Anna Von Mertens (NH), among others.

Fully illustrated catalogue, including an co-written essay by curator Leslie Umberger and psychiatrist Darold A. Treffert, who consulted on the film Rain Man, and authored Islands of Genius: The Bountiful Mind of the Autistic, Acquired and Sudden Savant. 

The Rumpus wrote about the exhibit here.

The art opening is documented here.

09.29.10 “Courier” University at Albany Art Museum, Albany NY

Courier invite

Courier, University Art Museum, Albany, New York

October 5 -December 4, 2010

Courier, curated by Corinna Schaming, brings together a range of contemporary artists who have created works that are rooted in the physical, communicative, or iconic properties of the typewriter. From emblematic homage to pointed social critique, the works selected for this exhibition demonstrate that despite its obsolete status, the typewriter remains a potent carrier of untapped ideas.

Artists include Leona Christie/Gavin Christie, Daniela Comani, Lee Etheredge IV, Ann Hamilton, William Kentridge, Matt Liddle, Elena del Rivero, Allyson Strafella, Ignacio Uriarte, and Xu Bing.

Courier is documented by a 60-page, fully illustrated catalogue featuring an essay by James Siena.  Full press release.